Empowering Statement of Service

"The ESS helps me convey my value more effectively when I'm out in the community. This strategy takes out the chase energy of dated sales processes, making sales conversations authentic."

- Christine

We're an entrepreneurial framework and what sets us apart is we teach people how to run companies not sales teams.

H.O.M.'s Unique Approach


Replaces outdated elevator pitch

The 3(21) Tool

"The 3(21) is a simple way to qualify my clients so I don't waste their time. This strategy helps me run my business with a framework instead of winging it, saving me time and money"

- Amber


Conversational sales process

Converting Machine

"This modern tool is a game changer. I never question where my clients are in the sales process. Very unique approach and I love the algorithm of this strategy. I always know what step my clients are on, helping me convey value instead of chase."

- Ann-Marie


Sales and Client Tracking

Anchor Statements

"Clients can spot a script a mile away and we all know how much modern consumers hate being sold. Anchor Statements help me navigate conversations better and effectively answer questions. My communication has improved with Anchor Statements."

- Courtney


Replaces outdated scripts

stronger agents and profitable transactions

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Working with House of Modern Real Estate has been an absolute delight.

As a lender, I've had the pleasure of collaborating with them on numerous occasions, and I must say, their ability to create tailored solutions for clients when it comes to buying a house is unparalleled. The dedication and innovative approach they bring to the table make the home buying process not just smooth but truly enjoyable. Kudos to the team at House of Modern Real Estate for setting the bar high in the industry!

- Tammy, Lender

I am beyond thrilled with the exceptional service I received from House of Modern!

Selling my home with them was a breeze, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. Not only did they help me sell my home super fast, but they also managed to secure a sale that was $25,000 over the listing price! Their expertise, dedication, and strategic approach truly set them apart. Thank you for making this process seamless and profitable for me!

- Kelly, Happy Home Seller

Blake is the best. He made selling my house a fun and safe-feeling process. 

Highly recommend; especially given the fact he's so attuned to the emotional side of real estate. He got me and I loved that.

- Jennifer, Roswell Seller

Blake and his team made my home buying process simple.

I had a tight budget and his negotiation skills outbeat multiple offers without me having to overspend.

- Allison, Buyer

Blake's knowledge of the city is the best I've ever come across.

As a native, Blake really delivered. You can tell he's a native and that helped me buy the perfect house. He showed me a side of the city I didnt' know exisist, ultiatmately saving me money while giving me the exact neighborhood feel I wanted so badly.

- Danny, Grant Park New Resident

Blake's compassion and empathy really made selling my late fathers home easy.

 His contacts and his expertise kept me from feeling overwhelmed. Thank you, Blake!

- Jeff, a late father's son

I love knowing that as an agent I have Blake right there with me.

Blake is so knowledgable and has such awesome approaches, helping me help my clients. I couldn't work with anyone other Broker who get's me like Blake does!

-Ann Marie, a very happy agent 

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